Help me to go to Future of web apps 07


One day, when I watch diggnation show. I heard they said they going to shoot live diggnation at Future of Web Apps 07 Expo in London. I have no idea about this Expo. So I browse to their website.

What? It’s cool. Unbelievable all those expert web guru will come and join to this expo. That’s very interesting. Because I really interesting in web business. I and my friends had startup weekly IT podcast show in Thai language or you can call it as diggnation in Thai language. Now we have 40+ episodes and have almost 2,000 audiences per episode. (not much but growing up). Anyway now I’m studying my master degree in Information System at Lund university in Sweden. So I have to find some cute and smart girl to replace me. Thanks I’ve found one.

Anyway I really want to join this FOWA expo to get more experience, more vision, more and more many thing which i can not find in my country. And I believe that the only way to have this kind of experience is fly to USA or Europe. But I needn’t fly to USA because they all fly to London and share their success story in this Expo. I shouldn’t meet this opportunity.

One main reason is I know most of success web business are in USA. But I never go to USA before. I don’t know where is the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto or Seattle. (I know we have a great application called “Google maps” but I mean physical stand in front of Google Campus. :)) I want to know what’s behind the success of their great idea or business. Maybe the social in there? The infrastructures? New graduate student from Top10 University? VC? etc. How can they establish web only a couple month and got a million users? I really want to know How can this happen? Maybe learning direct from the success is another way that I can understand those thing.

You know? It’s not easy for me to fly to UK and join this Expo or similar one from my home country. Because travel cost is expensive. (compare to average income)

Let’s say I’m in Thailand and want to go to UK.

1. Airfare Thailand <–> UK – $1,000

2. FOWA Expo 2 day ticket – $500

3. Living cost for 5 day 4 night (Hostel, food) – $300

4. Visa and other travel cost (train, bus) – $200

Total $2,000

The good news is London and Sweden not far from each other and they have low cost airlines. It’s a lot cheaper compare to fly directly from my country (Thailand).

Let’s say I’m in Sweden and want to go to UK.

1. Airfare Sweden <–> UK – $100!!

2. FOWA Expo 2 day ticket – $500

3. Living cost for 5 day 4 night (Hostel, food) – $300

4. Visa and other travel cost (train, bus) – $200

Total $1,100

If I’m in Thailand I can work and saving money for 5-6 month for $1,100. But the bad news is I just spend my whole saving money to get out from Thailand to study in Sweden. And I’m just arrive here for a couple week and pay a lot of money. (dormitory cost – I’ve to pay 6 month advance, living cost, food, book, air ticket, health insurance etc.).

Could you please donate some money to help me to go to Future of web apps 07 Expo? I only need


for travel and expense as I mention above. I’ll post donor name on this blog. And I’ll blog every step of my travel from Sweden to London for you in this blog. (Of course the Expo too.)

And I’ll summarize the seminar in Thai language and share it in my blog. (Maybe in English too. But I wrote in English not as good as Thai) So Thai student or who interest in web application and web business can get the same information I get from FOWA. I hope this’ll help them to understand how to build the successful web apps or web business in the future. So one day I hope you can see some great web application from Thai people. 😀

You can donate money by click on the donation button on this blog sidebar or the bottom of this page.

Thank you

Nattawat P.


3 comments so far

  1. Ryan Carson on

    Hi Nattawat,

    We’d like to help you come to the event! Please email me and we’ll send over a discount to give you 25% off.

    Hope you can make it!

    Kind regards,

  2. hoho on

    Thank you Ryan. I will send email to you. 🙂

  3. randommel on


    We’d really love you to be there – so we’re not sure how you’re getting on, but we’re hoping if we give you a 70% discount you might be able to make it???

    *fingers crossed!*

    Mel 🙂

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